Welcome to RIMDUUM! The Kingdom of RIMDUUM lies deep beneath the Rocky Mountains. It was once the home to dozens of beautiful underground cities. But now, because of the devastation of nuclear magic and the arrogance of Loamin, there are only two cities left. Whurrimduum is the seat of the old kingdom steeped in tradition and ruled by the monarchy and the Council of Ten Keepers--good luck getting in or out. Tungsten City is a thriving metropolis situated deep below Pike's Peak. There are no leaders here: Beware of the robustly democratic nature of the people and their vigilantism.

Dig deep. Every few weeks I'll add more entries to the Encyclopedia. Enjoy.

Encyclopedia RIMDUUMIA


This is one of the thousands of businesses based out of Tungsten City. It's also where Rugnus and his team of surveyors work. To me, a surveyor like Rugnus has an interesting job. They visit dead cities--in the best protective gear--and they pick through the wreckage to find valuables.

Are they scavengers? Yes, yes they are. Tungsten City is built on this type of economic activity. Barter, trade, spend a bit of Ferrum, and you can get some great upgrades. And it helps Rugnus follow his real passion, helping refugees to resettle in Tungsten City.

Quimdem is mentioned in the sixth chapter of Forged in the Fallout--Test My Strength. We never get to see Rugnus and his crew at work. But I can imagine all of the adventures they've been through. That's part of the reason I'm working on a series of Novellas. What do you want to see in Cities of Rimduum?

Writing this has me wondering about family property rights. Can family members claim relics from these dead cities, if a company like Quimdem goes in and scoops up a bunch of previously owned objects? Maybe there would have already been an opinion cast by the people about this. What do you think the city would have decided?


This city is mentioned by Sira when all the characters are together gazing in wonder at a brightstorm that changes color at sunset. This feature of these artificial suns is very rare. Most brightstorms (Whurrimduum & Tungsten City) simply switch. This led me to create the phrases daychange and nightchange in a later draft of FORGED IN THE FALLOUT.

What I love about this mention, is the character's connection to a place that was once a destination vacation city. But Rhelmirfar joined all the other melted cities when it was attacked with a mithrium bomb.

In my mind, it's also connected to a place that has only been in drafts: The Great Sands. When I was researching the Colorado Rockies I found a cool place called the Great Sand Dunes located west of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. I decided to add it to the map of RIMDUUM as an underground location near a city and a small lake.

I like to imagine Sira and her dad, relaxing in some posh hotel when she was maybe eight or nine. Just a beautiful memory of a beach squeezed between a glittering metropolis and the Great Sands, where the brightstorm slowly changes to magenta and settles into a cool silver moon.


Dungeons can be extremely dangerous places in the world of RIMDUUM. When a Loamin champion dies, their death spawns an ever-changing micro-world filled with traps, magical crafts, cool objects, and strange animals. The very heart of these places is made from this champion's most prized relic. Sometimes it’s the object that caused them to gain their championship.

Many have been killed trying to reach the heart of a dungeon. To be killed or lost in a dungeon is TO LOSE ONE’S BONES. Now usually, this is the result of inexperience, stupidity, or extreme risk. Perhaps someone sees a cavernous hole in the dungeon that’s never been there. They could jump into that hole. As Koglim might say: The bigger the trap, the bigger the treasure. But there are some risks even he won’t take. Things too crazy to even attempt.

So, in the real world if someone is acting crazy you might ask them: HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BONES? Another way to say a decision is questionable is to call that choice BONE CRAZY.