Keepers of RIMDUUM

Collectible RPG Card Game - An exciting collaborative experience where you can raid the dungeons of the Kingdom of Rimduum in search of fame, relics, and hidden information about the champions.



Wisps of dark steam rise from the ground. Behind you—nothingness. Ahead, a compact structure rises from the ground, carved from the stone into dozens of hard-sharpened cubes. From each cube, pillars of light rise toward an unknowable ceiling. The cubes shift and re-form as you walk toward them. A river of molten aluminum wraps around the structure like a moat, blocking your path.

What would you do next? Do you have the right relics to face this challenge? Collect them all! Are you a goldmage? A keeper? A professional raider? You decide.


This book is great for parents, grandparents, and other caretakers who want to build lasting memories with the children in their lives. Maker families and DIY families will find this especially useful, but it will guide any family through the process of making their own board games! It includes sections about gathering materials and organizing the project, with suggested roles for family members of all ages. The section on brainstorming is sure to get the ideas rolling!

Not only will this book guide you in making your own games, but two prototype games are included inside. No other purchase necessary! These games are not simple print-and-play card games. Instructions on how to build and play these well-tested games are included inside, along with pictures to make the process even simpler!

GAME ONE: Max's Cereal

Ages 3 & Up

Fun for large groups!

Oh no! All the cereal in the cupboard got mixed up! Scoop up everything you can and see who can get the most “sweet” points.

GAME TWO: Flippy Biomes

Ages 6 & Up

2-6 players

Navigate dangerous biomes with your blocky character. Harvest resources, fight monsters and pursue enlightenment in the Cathedral. But don't get caught too far away from your base when the whole board flips over. Defeat the Kraken or race to unlock the Ice Temple to win the game. Squarish fun for the whole family!